Our network of trusted and vetted Ukrainian NGOs has a proven ability to deliver hundreds of tons of supplies to the front
Join a community of donors who help Ukrainians fight against Russian savagery and take their freedom back DONATE NOW
Ukraine Freedom Project is a US-based 501(c)(3) organization. Your donation is tax deductible.
Help Ukrainian women and children survive
Provide key equipment to military volunteers
Help end the carnage in Ukraine sooner

Big international organizations get food and medicine into safe parts of Ukraine but we deliver it to trusted Ukrainians at the front

Ukrainian women and children lack food, medicine and shelter

Ukraine's volunteer military lacks basic equipment

Big organizations only go part of the way

Ukrainians shouldn't struggle with a lack of life-saving aid

We believe that Ukraine is ground zero for freedom. Ukrainians are fighting for their lives and they need life-saving aid now

Since March 2022, we've sent more than $1 million in aid to areas near the front

22 hospitals stocked with medical supplies

110+ Ukrainians evacuated from hot spots

More than 200 tons of food for cilivians at the front

17 generators to soldiers and civilians

1500 kw power bank and drone for war crimes investigators

4 Starlinks to the Eastern front

Here’s how you can help us support Ukrainians

1. You click here to “Donate now”

You can make a tax deductible donation of any amount once or set up regular payments.

2. We save more Ukrainian lives

Our team goes to the front and delivers essential equipment and life-saving aid.

3. You get updates from the front

You'll get regular email updates from the Ukraine Freedom Project founder.

Here's how your donations save lives

The Ukraine Freedom Project has a network of trusted Ukrainians to whom we send aid. We go to the front to make sure your donations are being spent well

1. You make a donation

2. Ukraine Freedom Project collects funds

3. We buy and deliver life-saving aid

4. We verify your aid goes to people in need

5. Ukrainians are fully equipped to survive and win this war

Your donations will ease Ukrainian civilian suffering and help military volunteers

Help women and children

Help women and children

Your $81 donation feeds 3 Ukrainian families for a week. Donate now to help hungry children.

Help military volunteers

Help military volunteers

With every $250 raised we can buy 1 generator for military volunteers at the front.

Help Ukraine win this war

Help Ukraine win this war

We take your donations into harm's way to end this war sooner.

See who we’ve already helped in Ukraine

Artem, Mariupol police officer turned soldier

Iryna, Taras and Ivan, refugees from the siege of Kyiv
Olena and Alex, Poltava Down Syndrome community

Trident Circle

Ukraine coat of arms

You can make a one time donation, or you can commit to being a sustaining member of the Ukraine Freedom Project.
Our donors have been amazingly generous but the scale of contributions has been unpredictable.
A regular and consistent source of revenue would enhance our ability to plan, coordinate, source and, ultimately, help more Ukrainians.
Donors who commit to a recurring donation of any amount become part of our Trident Circle.

Trident Circle members will have the opportunity to participate in periodic Zoom calls with Steven and Ukrainians who the Ukraine Freedom Project is helping.
Real live updates from ground zero for freedom in the world. You can ask questions about what is really going on in Ukraine.
You can make a monthly donation of $10, $50, $100, $250 or any other amount you want.

Steven near United States Capitol

Join the community of Ukraine Freedom Project donors and help Ukrainians get their freedom back

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Board of advisors

Peter Roskam

Peter Roskam

Former US Representative
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Julie Meier Wright

Julie Meier Wright

Former California Secretary of Trade and Commerce
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Jeffrey Krilla

Jeffrey Krilla

Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State
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Katharina McFarland

Katharina McFarland

Former Assistant Secretary of Defense
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