Steven E. Moore


Steven Moore is a former chief of staff in the U.S. House of Representatives who has been in Ukraine most of the time since day 5 of the war. 

His NGO, the Ukraine Freedom Project (UFP), started as a humanitarian organization. Since March of 2022, UFP has delivered some 250 tons of food to areas impacted by the war, supplied dozens of hospitals with medical supplies, helped put thousands of pieces of body armor on Ukrainians and delivered Starlinks, drones, generators, and other aid to areas near the front. Moore has been to the front a dozen times.

With his years of experience on Capitol Hill, Moore has also become a trusted source of information to members of Congress and their staff. In addition to humanitarian work, the Ukraine Freedom Project provides firsthand, data-driven information to policymakers and the media about the situation in Ukraine.

The Russians have taken note of Moore’s effectiveness in Ukraine and placed him on their hit list of foreign combatants. 


Karl Ahlgren

VP of Public Policy 

A seasoned, 35-year veteran of government and politics, Karl Ahlgren has a client list that includes more than 100 past and current members of the Oklahoma Legislature.

Prior to resuming his consulting career, Ahlgren served as chief of staff from 2013 to 2017 for then U.S. Congressman and now U.S. Senator Markwayne Mullin. He also served as chief of staff to U.S. Congressman (and former U.S. Senator) Tom Coburn between 1994 and 2000, and as field director to former U.S. Senator Don Nickles for ten years prior. 

Ahlgren began working with Ukraine Freedom Project (UFP), in March of 2023. UFP has delivered some 250 tons of food to areas impacted by the war, supplied dozens of hospitals with medical supplies, helped put thousands of pieces of body armor on Ukrainians. 

Ahlgren made his first trip to Ukraine in October 2023. He spent 9 days traveling throughout the country to get first hand knowledge of the impacts of the war. 


Anna Shvetsova 


Anna Shvetsova is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the Ukraine Freedom Project. Prior to the full-scale invasion, Anna held the position of COO at a digital marketing agency. She has also served as COO of a Ukrainian startup.  

With a background in marketing and an MBA in data analytics and artificial intelligence, she brings extensive experience in managing business operations within Ukrainian startups and service companies.

Anna is highly motivated in her job, having been raised 30 miles from the Russian border, where her family still resides. She spearheads initiatives to provide humanitarian aid and non-lethal equipment to military personnel, many of whom are friends and colleagues from before the war. 

Anna is also one of Ukraine’s foremost experts on the situation surrounding Ukraine on Capitol Hill. She has met with nearly one hundred Congressional offices and traveled extensively in the United States in support of Ukraine. She has given her insights on television in both Ukraine and the United States.


Svitlana Tykhacheva 

Project Manager 

Svitlana has a diverse professional background with experience in Ukraine, Vietnam and the United States, with experience in the fisheries and energy industries. 

Svitlana stayed in Kyiv through the siege of the capital city and has been delivering aid to the front in various capacities since then. 

A native of Kherson, her city was brutally occupied by Russians for nine months. She is very proud of her native city and inspired by the strength of those who survived the occupation. Svitlana believes that nothing is impossible and that Ukraine's victory is inevitable.