Freedom is the Most Important Thing

Freedom in Kherson and Hunger at the Ukrainian Front

Freedom is the Most Important Thing

Watching this video from newly-liberated Kherson will be the

most inspiring 25 seconds of your week.

”We are finally liberated… we are free. Because now, we have no electricity in this city, no water, no central supply heating, no mobile connection, no internet connection but we have no Russians and I’m extremely happy of that. We can survive anything… but we are free.”

Freedom is the most important thing, but food and medicine really help a lot.

Since the end of March, Ukraine has won back more than half of the territory taken from it since Russia’s full scale invasion on February 24. Russia has not won a significant military since the Ukrainians drove them out of Kyiv in April.

The Ukraine Freedom Project has been behind the Ukrainian armed forces all the way. Quite literally, as the Ukrainian military has liberated territories, the Ukraine Freedom Project has come in behind them with food and medical supplies.

Kherson has been rid of Russians, and we are planning a trip to feed the newly liberated.

You have sent us nearly $300k. Through partnerships with large international charitable organizations (NGOs) who donate food and medical supplies, we have amplified your giving and delivered some $1.2 million in value to Ukrainians.

International NGOs are good at getting large amounts of food to the safer spots in Ukraine. The Ukraine Freedom Project and our network of very brave volunteers are good at getting the food and medicines to places few other organizations are willing to go.

Getting the donated food to Kherson costs money:

  • 1000 grocery bags cost $70
  • a tank of gas for a volunteer to deliver food is about $120
  • body armor for one our volunteers at the front is $450
  • a Motorola 4400 radio to coordinate with the military is $600
  • truck rental to get the food from the warehouse in Kyiv is about $900

Anything you can do to help would go a long way. Please donate now to help us take food to the folks in Kherson.

Caught by the New York Times in Bakhmut

Bakhmut is a city in Donetsk province that is still being fought over. Our team was there feeding people, and a NY Times photographer caught us in action in the above photo. Help us continue this work. Please donate now to keep us at the front.

Help Ukraine with your Christmas Shopping

My good friend and friend of Ukraine Jeffrey Krilla has written a book in collaboration with a talented Ukrainian artist, Iryna Kostyrenko, that promises to be a Christmas classic.

All proceeds from “Elf Love” go to the Ukraine Freedom Project.

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On a personal note, I have been in Ukraine for most of this year and it has been an amazing and exhausting experience. With your help, we have made a huge difference and I am going to continue our work in Ukraine.

I am writing this from a welcome Thanksgiving respite with my family. I have an apartment in Kyiv, to which I am returning next week. I am blessed because no matter how many missiles and Iranian drones (affectionately know as flying lawnmowers) Putin sends, I almost always have electricity and water.

Many of you have reached out to me to see if I am OK, and I really appreciate those notes. Feel free to keep in touch via Telegram where my username is USASteven, or via email at

What doesn't come through in the US media is that the Ukrainian armed forces are crushing the Russian military and the Ukrainian civilians are upbeat no matter how many missiles come their way.

Recently I had to go to four grocery stores to find one with electricity. On the way back, through several blocks of darkened streets, I passed three groups of Ukrainians who were laughing out load. These are resilient people.

Ukrainians will not surrender, and nobody should ask them to negotiate for peace while they have military momentum on their side and Russians in their land.

Click Here to Save Lives in Ukraine

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Steven Moore is a political strategist and public opinion researcher who has a track record of running towards danger to lend a helping hand.

Steven Moore

Steven Moore is a political strategist and public opinion researcher who has a track record of running towards danger to lend a helping hand.

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