Progress in Ukraine

Progress in Ukraine

Ukraine is Driving the Russians Out

The phrase I have heard most from Ukrainians is “We don’t have electricity, we don’t have heat, we don’t have internet… but we also don’t have Russians!

With all the headlines of missiles hitting apartment buildings and electrical outages in major cities, it is easy to forget that the Ukraine military has taken back much more than half of the territory taken by Russians since February. Check out the "then and now" comparison below.

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Ukraine is Driving the Russians Out

The map on the left is from March 30, just more than a month into the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine. On the right is a map from this weekend. Here is the thing to notice - red means Russian and there is a lot less of it on the map from this weekend.

Below is a daily tally of Russian losses kept by the Kyiv Independent, one of Ukraine’s English language newspapers. The numbers are staggering. One highlight… the Russians have lost more than triple the number of artillery systems that the USA has sent to Ukraine.

The joke in Ukraine (and it may be true) is that Russia surpassed the USA as the largest of military equipment to Ukraine because fleeing Russians have left hundreds of pieces of equipment behind.

The newly liberated territories need to be feed - the international NGOs you would expect to be solving this problem are not. That is where you and the Ukraine Freedom Project come in.

Russia's lossesUkraine Freedom Project is Keeping Newly Liberated Ukrainians Fed

Just like the Ukrainians have made military progress, so has the Ukraine Freedom Project. Check out the photos below. Top row of photos on the left is our second ever trip delivering food to Kharkiv in March, bringing in about a ton and a half of food. We went to a local grocery store and just piled food and home goods into the van. In contrast, the photo on the right is our first trip of 20 tons of food to Kharkiv this summer - a 13x improvement. We need your help to continue.

The food is donated by a faith-based international NGO. They are good at getting large amounts of food into Ukraine. We are good at taking the food to people in harm’s way who need it.

This in-kind donation at least triples the value of every dollar you donate.

The food is an amazing donation, but to complete the mission, we still need:

  • About $130 for each tank of gas for folks delivering food
  • About $500 to rent a 20 ton truck
  • $650 for a Motorola radio to keep track of the Ukrainian military
  • $300 for body armor for a volunteer near the front
  • $250 will buy a generator along with delivering the food

Help us continue to take food into areas big NGOs won’t go.

suppliesWe can make this amazing impact thanks to our partners in both the USA (like you) and Ukraine.

Below are more recent photos - Bakhmit, which is still being fought over - and Kherson, which was liberated just a few weeks ago. Note our team in Bakhmut was cought in action by the New York Times. Help us feed people at Christmas Donate now.

Our team in Bakhmut was caught in action by the New York Times.

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Steven Moore is a political strategist and public opinion researcher who has a track record of running towards danger to lend a helping hand.

Steven Moore

Steven Moore is a political strategist and public opinion researcher who has a track record of running towards danger to lend a helping hand.

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