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Trends In Support Among Republicans for Aid to Ukraine

“Pick me! Pick me! I know the answer!”

Vivek Ramaswamy's Entry into National Politics

Ukraine is Winning - Part 1

Ukraine has taken back all but 13% of its territory since the full scale invasion. Maps don't lie. News personalities do.

Part 2 - You Probably Don't Believe Ukraine is Winning

The Ukrainians have taken back 83% of their territory and degraded the Russian war fighting capability by half, yet polling shows most Americans don't think Ukraine is winning.

Top Myths About U.S. Aid to Ukraine

Luke Coffey from the Hudson Institute has put together some excellent information about bad information being circulated about American aid to Ukraine. I've reposted it. Worth forwarding.

Tough Week on Capitol Hill for Global Stability

Those shouting "NO" on Ukraine aid are compromising national security by putting their own political interests ahead of American interests. And they are raising a lot of money doing it.

Tonight, Iranian and Russian Weapons Terrorize Civilians in Two Countries

Our partners in Israel and Ukraine are willing to die for their freedom and to preserve world stability. We contribute the weapons, and they contribute the lives of their very best people.

Good News Sources About Ukraine

Most Americans don't know what to believe about Ukraine. Here are some folks I respect and listen to for information about Ukraine and Russia.

Tucker Carlson is Wrong: Putin Practices Religious Persecution, Not Zelensky

Carlson claims that Zelensky has “banned the Christian faith in his country.” In reality, the Russians are persecuting and torturing believers in Ukraine. Tucker's words are making it easier for them.

US Poll - Evangelical Christians are Key to Unlocking Additional Aid

Evangelical Christians in Ukraine are often singled out for torture by Russian soldiers. One study shows Protestant Christians account for one-third of reported cases of persecution.

Ramaswamy is willfully ignorant on Ukraine

His amateurish attacks on Nikki Haley show she is preparing to lead America during a time if great instability and he is preparing to be a B-list cable news pundit.

Russians are Torturing Ukrainian Christians

Protestants are 4% of Ukraine's population but account for a third of the cases of persecution by the Russians. Ukraine Freedom Project polling shows U.S. believers are moved by this information.

Nikki Haley Rewarded in the Polls for Making the Case for Supporting Ukraine

Vivek Ramaswamy spent a lot of energy going after Haley on Ukraine in the last debate. Thirty-four percent of GOP primary voters think she won the debate. Twenty-nine percent think he lost.

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Steven Moore is a political strategist and public opinion researcher who has a track record of running towards danger to lend a helping hand.

Steven Moore

Steven Moore is a political strategist and public opinion researcher who has a track record of running towards danger to lend a helping hand.

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